The ATTRILL Family History Society



The Society will be called ‘The ATTRILL Family History Society’ (AFHS). - Hitherto referred to as ‘The Society’.



  a)      Maintain an association of those interested in the origin, history, dispersion and development of the ATTRILL name and its variants.

  b)      Promote and encourage the study of ATTRILL genealogy, historical distribution, biography, etymology and related topics.

  c)       Promote the preservation, security and accessibility of relevant public and private archival and other material, or media.

  d)      Bring together like minded Attrill Family History researchers in various geographical areas of the world with the view of forming local groups

  e)  Publish ATTRILL research findings and other relevant information in the web site or other appropriate method



  a)      Membership of the society is open to any individual showing genuine interest in the Societies objectives

  b)      Membership is subscription free.

  c)       Membership may be withdrawn from members whose activities are considered prejudicial to the Society. A Suspended member has the right to appeal.


Management of the society

The Society will be administered by the member registered with the Guild of one name Studies for ATTRILL name - referred to as (The Administrator).

Other post holders will be

  a)     Deputy Administrator, who would be willing to take on the task, including registering with the guild of one name studies, of the administrator if for any reason he is unable to continue,  

  b)      Country Coordinators, who will normally be volunteers, will coordinate the activities of the area representatives and members within their country.  The way this is achieved will be entirely up to them. 

  c)       Area Representatives, who will also normally be volunteers, would represent an area such as a county or state.  They would collaborate with other members of their area to gather ATTRILL information relevant to that area.



Affiliation or Membership of appropriate Bodies


      The Society agrees to seek affiliation or membership of appropriate bodies with similar objectives and in particular to become a member of The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) and to pay the subscription applicable to their category of membership when it falls due. It also agrees to guarantee to pay to the FFHS an amount of up to ONE POUND (1) if the FFHS is wound up or goes into insolvent liquidation whilst the Society is a member or for up to 12 months after it has resigned or ceased to be a current member of the FFHS.




The running of the society should incur little on no financial requirement.  If, however, a requirement occurs it is hoped that this will be met by donations.  There is, therefore, no requirement for a treasurer or accounts which would be auditable.




Society will be dissolved if:

  a)      The membership drops to a low level which would make it impractical to continue.

  b)      The Administrator is unable to continue for any reason and there is nobody willing to register for the ATTRILL One Name Study with the Guild of One Name Studies.